Thursday, December 13, 2007

Down There at the Mall

Our next actions will take place in the so-called "belly of the beast:" Tucson's shopping malls!

THIS SATURDAY, December 15:
Meet us at the main entrance to Park Mall (near Old Navy) at 12:00 on
Saturday, Dec. 15. Wear fashionista black. All black. No veils/scarves
this time: we are who we are. (Unless you want to wear one, which is
ok, too...).

The action is simple: we will be mallgoers. We will each
carry many Peace shopping bags, as if laden with holiday purchases. We
will wander in and out of stores, stand in line to see Santa, grab a
latte at the Food Court. We will not, however, buy anything (other
than the aforementioned latte...let's not deprive ourselves!). We
won't approach people (again: unless we want to). We'll keep open and
friendly expressions on our faces; make eye contact; be a calm
presence amidst the craziness.

We will split up into groups of 2 or 3 or 4. Here in the age where the
shopping mall is a community site for peoplewatching, we are there to
be seen. People will notice these mysterious women (and girls!)
dressed so fetchingly in black and wonder what's up. Inside our bags
will be hundreds & hundreds of scrolls wrapped in ribbon: our
Alternative Shopping Lists. When people approach us, or gape in
curiosity, we will smile and hand them a little scroll.

The goal: to get people wondering where in the mall this "Peace Store"
is -- and what can you buy there?

This is a perfect mother/daughter/girlfriend/sister holiday outing!

A repeat excursion of this will occur on Saturday, Dec. 22 at the
Tucson Mall.

love, Dorothy

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