Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wage Peace

Down There at the Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights.

Our first action.

1. The parade is on Sat., Dec. 8., starting at 6 pm.
2. We'll be assembling at 620 S. 5th Ave., a "donated" site in Armory Park, at 4:30 pm (unless we hear otherwise).
3. Participants are to wear all black.
4. You will be given a veil to wear over your face.
5. You'll be given a white shopping bag, illuminated from the inside, to carry.
6. On the shopping bag will be written commands for peace (Touch Peace, Be Peace, See Peace, Wage Peace, etc.)
7. Some of you will be given "Alternative Holiday Shopping Lists" to hand out to the crowd. On this card will be a list of organizations working for peace and justice (locally and abroad).
8. You are to walk in silence.
9. For the event, your name will become "Dorothy Thomas." You will be given a statement to say if asked who you are and who you're with.
10. We are still looking for participants. Our aim is 50 women. So if you still have folks who want to play, please have them get in touch.

If people are wondering why this is an anonymous action, you can pass this on to them. Down There is an underground group of women promoting change and awareness through the arts. While we don't wish to annihilate the idea of "personal identity" (we believe in the individual and her power, too), we are working from the idea that the collective voice is more powerful in some circumstances. Particularly, as in this action, which is a call for peace in Iraq and elsewhere and a collective call for folks to reconsider their mindless holiday consumption. We also believe that our assembly and artwork is about the assembly and the artwork, and not about the glory that might come to us, as individuals, for having assembled and made art. Other Dorothys might have ideas about this too....